LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Sixth grade Dunbar Magnet Middle School Student Alex Epps looks forward to the time he gets to spend with Little Rock Police Sgt. Willie Davis. 

"He was actually one of my mentors,” Alex said. 

The two met last school year when the Alex joined the O.K. (Our Kids) Program. 

"We talked about how we didn't have our fathers in our life and he teaches us to be there for our kids when we have kids or if we have kids,” Alex said. 

Sgt. Davis brought the O.K. Program to Little Rock ten years ago. It's a national program that trains black men in the community to become mentors. They meet every Saturday. 

“We have a curriculum that we teach from. It talks about critical thinking skills, anger management, self-control, relationship building, money management, decision making, so we talk about all of those things,” Sgt. Davis said. 

"The last Saturday that I went, we had a poet who was rapping. It was fun," Alex said. 

The program teaches the boys tools they need to become successful men and it builds relationships some thought they'd never experience. 

"Next thing you know, they're hugging you, calling telling you happy birthday, happy Father's Day, I love you Sarg, that kind of thing. It means a lot to you, makes your heart glad," Sgt. Davis said. 

The O.K. Program is actively looking for mentors. If you're interested, call Sgt. Davis at 501-351-4161.