OK Program of Oakland Partnerships

Oakland Police Department 455 7th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Oakland Unified School District 1000 Broadway Ste. 680, Oakland, CA 94607
Acts Full Gospel Church 1034 66th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
100 Black Men of the Bay Area 1632 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94607

OK Program of Oakland Directory

Board Chairman: Bishop Bob Jackson of Acts Full Gospel Church
Phone: 510-567-1300 |Email: bishop@actsfullgospel.org

Program Teammate Coordinator: Mr. Larry Jones
Phone: 989-330-8332 | Email: ljones@okprogram.org

West Oakland Chapter
•      West Oakland Middle School
•      McClymonds High School
Chapter Coordinator: Officer Steven Wesley
Phone: 510-407-0560 | Email: swesley@okprogram.org

East Oakland Chapter
•     Frick Impact Academy
•     Fremont High School
•     Castlemont High School
Chapter Coordinator: Officer Robert Smith
Phone: 510-508-1261 | Email: rsmith@okprogram.org


To donate to the OK Program of Oakland, checks can be made out to: “OK Program of Oakland” and sent to our local office. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) and donations are tax deductible. Tax ID Number available upon request.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Mentor for the OK Program of Oakland, you can visit: http://okprogram.org/teammate-contact-formand complete the interest form; someone will follow-up with you within 3-5 business days. You can also contact the Teammate Coordinator at the information above.

For youth enrollment into the OK Program of Oakland, you may contact the Chapter Coordinator at the listed school above. If the attended school is not listed, please contact the Program Director for information on how youth can still participate in the OK Program.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Individual Donors

Organization Sponsors

1. Carolyn Ann Paul 
2. Tanesha Mikkelsen 
3. David Bell 
4. Frank Lee 
5. Jared Walker 
6. Austin Udongwo 
7. Carrel Reid 
8. Travis Wise 
9. Lorenzo Grayson 
10. Marlon McWilson 
11. Joe Coffie 
12. Bruce Patton 
13. Samuel Richardson 
14. Darryl Richardson 
15. Loren Taylor 
16. Cecilia Green 
17. Bilal Mahasin 
18. Waydon Destin 
19. Maya Henderson 
20. Raymond Hendricks 
21. Joseph Cotton Jr. 
22. Guy Albert Baldwin Jr. 
23. Michelle Suzanne Bennett 
24. Linda Cariton 
25. Scott Wynn 
26. Kim J. Luqman 
27. Gwen F. Martin 
28. Natasha S. Aronson 
29. Leonard R. Medley 
30. Robert L. Turner 
31. William & Euradell Patterson 
32. Thomas & Chaleen Leach 
33. Robert Harris, Attorney at Law 
34. Leonard Medley 
35. Doanld Godbold 
36. Dr. C.L. & Barbara Hopper 
37. Jessica Brooks Gary 
38. Kamika Curry 
39. Kimberly Grave 
40. Linda Tse 
41. Mary Johnson 
42. Robert L. Turner 
43. Bishop Kevin Barnes Sr. 
44. Phifer Turner 
45. Jain Williams 
46. Thelma Williams
47. George Schuster
48. W. Beasley/ S.M. Beasley

1. Acts Full Gospel Church 
2. Men of Valor Academy 
3. Cestra Butner Family Foundation 
4. Alpha Gamma Boulé Foundation 
5. The Clorox Company 
6. Oak Knoll Venture Acquisition 
7. Barbara Lee for Congress 
8. Christian Church Homes 
9. Premiere Protective Service, Inc. 
10. AB & I Foundry 
11. The Thomas Hodge Foundation 
12. Coliseum Lexus of Oakland 
13. AT&T 
14. Kalanit, Inc. (Buttercup Restaurant) 
15. Zaision – OHP I, LLC 
16. Tri Valley Bank 
17. Minuteman Press 
18. State Farm Insurance 
19. Warriors Community Foundation 
20. Oakland Police Foundation 
21. Kaleo Christain Center 
22. Way to Be Designs, LLC
23. World Conquers Church
24. Alameda County Board of Supervisors
25. Sight Glass Management, Inc.
26. Oakland Black Officers Association
27. Charles Houston Bar Association
28. 100 Black Men of the Bay Area
29. The James Irvine Foundation