In order to expand our mentoring and youth development model throughout the country, the OK Program launched its “One Hundred Thousand Strong National African-American Male Mentor Initiative” in 2013. The goal is to enlist 100,000 African-American men to mentor our boys.

To make the Initiative come to life, we have aggressive plans in place to strategically expand OK Chapters in targeted communities throughout the country. We are especially looking at exploring partnership with urban centers that have recently experienced unrest resulting from the shooting deaths of African-American men and boys. We believe the OK model that forms trusting relationships between schools, churches, and law enforcement helps provide a solution to some of the urban unrest that the country is experiencing.

We are currently recruiting, training, and organizing African-American men to serve as mentors with our OK Chapters. If you are an African-American adult male over 21 years of age and live in or near one of our Chapter cities, and would like to be one of  our “One Hundred Thousand Strong,” please contact us at (888)987-7731 or