Since 1990, the OK Program has touched the lives of thousands of African-American males from the ages of 12 to 18 in order to reverse the high rates of homicides and incarceration among that population. Our collaborative, team mentorship model brings together local police officers, school districts, and the faith-based community with the goal of transforming lives and empowering African-American men and boys to improve their communities. It has been working since 1990

On most Saturdays in several cities across the country, the OK Program convenes KIC'IT sessions (Kids Interacting, Communicating Immix Teammates) which bring together OK boys and a team of African-American adult male mentors. Through the KIC'IT sessions, OK mentors, or Teammates, develop meaningful and lasting relationships with our boys by discussing topical – and often challenging – issues and sharing life experiences that will positively impact academic achievement, build respect for self and others, and emphasize the importance of community engagement.

One of the main goals of the OK Program is to improve relationships between the law enforcement and African-American communities. As a result, OK boys receive at the KIC'IT sessions an in depth understanding on how to interact with the police when contacted or confronted by an officer, which often occurs more than it ever should in the lives of young black males.

KIC'IT sessions also include a hearty lunch and fun sports that get the boys, as well as their adult mentors, moving and engaged in physical activity. The OK Program model – which has been working since 1990 – is a holistic approach to mentoring and youth leadership development that engages the body, mind, spirit, and soul.

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Today, OK Program alums are PhDs, college basketball coaches, law enforcement officers, professional athletes, actors, and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. They are loving husbands and fathers and are actively involved in their communities. Most importantly, they are passing on to the next generation of African-American boys the principles and values they learned from their OK experiences.

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