Salute The Badge

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Statistics show that young boys who grow up without a positive male role model in their life are more likely to resort to violence and live in poverty, and those numbers are hitting the African American community the hardest. Around 75% of all African American households are run by a single mother.




I Love My People *Fundraiser*

The National OK Program is declaring the first Saturday of each month “I Love My People Day.”  We are asking you to post a picture of yourself in our t-shirt on your social media platform, on the first Saturday of each month. Please include hash tag #ILoveMyPeople #OKProgram.

OK Program Mentor Training

If you are a Black Man in the Sacramento area and you’re interested in mentoring Black Boys, this training is for you. We require that you are available to participate in 3 Saturday group mentoring sections per year. Yes, the commitment is only 3 Saturdays a year! 

OK Program of Oakland Teammate Training 8/5/17

Black Men of Oakland! The OK Program is recruiting Black Men! Click on the link below for details! Commitment? Only 3 Saturday's per year! Please share and contact Larry Jones at (989) 330-8332 to sign-up for our upcoming teammate training on August 5, 2017 and find out how you can get involved! 👌🏿

The OK Program Now In Georgia, Indiana, and Missouri

Urban centers throughout the country continue to see the huge benefits of partnering with the OK Program as new chapters have been launched in Indianapolis, Indiana, Conyers Georgia, located in Rockdale County, about 23 miles east of Atlanta, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Founders Corner

After listening to her talk about the problems she was having with her son and how out of control he was, I decided I had to do whatever I could to help not only her, but him especially.

Why I Do This

I choose to make a difference by supporting and dedicating my efforts to the one thing that I know makes a difference and influences change – the OK Program.